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Frying Pans and Floating Lanterns
My name is Rapunzel! I've lived in this tower with my mother my entire life. Some people call me a dreamer, and they'd probably be right! I'm sorry if I'm shy at first - the only friend I've ever had is Pascal! Feel free to message me! I'd love to start learning about new people!
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At first, Rapunzel had been afraid of the night. The first time she’d gotten lost during one of the times she started venturing away from her Tower in secret, she’d almost cried with the paralyzing fear of being lost and alone in the dark woods. It wasn’t until she’d found beautiful flowers that bloom in the moonlight that she felt a little less afraid and a little more in her niche.

She walked along the dirt path, her hair brushing along the same flowers. She paused on her evening walk. Was someone there? She couldn’t be sure. She tightened her hold on the frying pan in her hand, turning to the side.

"Hello..?" she called out into the forest.